Affiliate marketing for Beginners

Not sure what an affiliate is?

As an affiliate, you will earn commissions for every single customer you bring on board.

The customers you will try to attract and the commission you get for them, both depend on program you join and the brand you choose to promote.

You can be an affiliate using social media, emails, texts, websites or any other resources you can get or think of, making it one of the most flexible jobs in the world. As long as you have an internet connected device, you can bring customers on board and build up your profit, at any time, from any place!.

WagerPartner is an affiliate program for YouWager, a sportsbook and casino site, our affiliates refer gambling enthusiasts to us and they get one of the highest commissions around for doing so.

PRO TIP: If you are a sports or gambling enthusiast, turn your passion into multiple income sources. If you already refer a lot of players to your book(s), hit us up and get a REAL commission for everyone you bring on board!

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How to Become an Affiliate

Start making money from home TODAY

Pick an affiliate program you like.

Make sure you affiliate with a brand that provides a product or service that you like and believe in. For gambling industry affiliates, WagerPartner offers the highest commissions and the fastest payouts.

Join the team and receive the tools to start advertising the brand.

Tracking is everything to this business, you will refer people using affiliate marketing tools that allow you to follow their activity and make sure its all associated to your affiliate ID.

Track your work and get paid.

Get a commission on the profit generated by the customers tracked and credited to you.

WagerPartner offers different commission deals to fit all affiliate profiles within our industry, from popular sports websites to social media influencers and handicappers.

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How much is the average
affiliate commission

Short term, long term and other ways you can profit.

It depends on the type of commission deal you take. An affiliate marketing commission payment starts at $1,500-$2,000 monthly, usually on revenue share, and within a couple of years you can work your way up to $15,000-$20,000 a month.

Programs like WagerPartner offer affiliate deals that allow you to earn a commission on your players for as long as they remain active, at one of the highest commission rates in the market!

Also called revshare, profit share or revenue sharing, this deal is all about splitting the work and the profit suggests, the brand or company and the affiliate will share the profit they generate together, in percentages previously discussed.

The affiliate will advertise the products and bring customers in, using any channels they like, while the brand will provide services, keep those customers active and keep profit coming for both parties.

Check out Wikipedia’s explanation HERE.

Usually this is a lifetime deal, so as long as the customers are active and generating profit, the affiliate will keep receiving a passive income. The more customers you get, the less you work you have to put in over time.

(Sports bets + casino bets + poker rake + racebook bets) MINUS (Sales commissions + processing fees + credit card chargebacks) = GROSS REVENUE

Let us know if you like this option and how much you are looking to make!

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Also called Cost per Acquisition, it is a type of commission that in the case of affiliate marketing means the affiliate gets paid a fee on sign-ups that meet the requirements previously discussed by both the brand or company and the affiliate.

Wikipedia has a ton of info on this, check it out HERE.

You like this option? Let’s talk numbers.

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There are many ways to build a relationship with a brand and get paid for online marketing services.

Deals come in all sizes and shapes, finding one that best fits your work is vital to the affiliate business.

WagerPartner can combine its 2 main options into one, come up with completely new deals or listen to proposals.

You have any ideas? We are listening!

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WagerPartner has its own referral program, so if you know influencers, website managers or in general people who loves betting action and can send players our way, refer them to us!

We will give YOU a portion of OUR profit on each of the active players brought to us by the affiliates you referred.

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what will you advertise?

Get to know our Sportsbook and Casino.

The products or services you advertise as an affiliate depend on the brands and companies you choose to partner with.

WagerPartner is the affiliate program for the YouWager brand, with over 20 years in the gambling industry, we are home of the same-day payout!

As a YouWager affiliate, you will refer players to our variety of gambling options.

Buddy Referral
Free Payouts
Live Betting
Horse Racing
YW Casino


The most common questions…

Can anyone join to the WagerPartner Program?

Yes, absolutely anyone can join the program. Just keep in mind that our MAIN market is within the United States

No, many of our partners use social media, mass emailing or text messaging, apps, among other outlets.

It will not cost you a penny! All you need to do is sign-up!

As long as you have at least 3 active players, $500 in payable commission and your promotion of us is up to date, you will get paid at the beginning of every month. We pay via Bitcoins or PayPal or we can transfer to your wagering account at YouWager.

Your profit will rollover for next month, simple as that.

  • We are not into one-size-fits-all generic platforms, as a boutique site we use a customized tool, specially created for WagerPartner, to help you track your performance.
  • Pull your preferred reports and stay on top of your players’ activity as it comes in, since we offer stats, direct from the source, no middle-man involved!
  • Our tracking system was designed to be accurate, easy to use and extremely reliable.

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