• What is affiliate marketing?

As an affiliate, you will earn commissions for every single customer you bring on board.

The customers you will try to attract and the commission you get for them, both depend on program you join and the brand you choose to promote.

You can be an affiliate using social media, emails, texts, websites or any other resources you can get or think of, making it one of the most flexible jobs in the world. As long as you have an internet connected device, you can bring customers on board and build up your profit, at any time, from any place!.

WagerPartner is an affiliate program for YouWager, a sportsbook and casino site, our affiliates refer gambling enthusiasts to us and they get one of the highest commissions around for doing so.

PRO TIP: If you are a sports or gambling enthusiast, turn your passion into multiple income sources. If you already refer a lot of players to your book(s), hit us up and get a REAL commission for everyone you bring on board!

• How to become an affiliate?

Pick an affiliate program you like.

Make sure you affiliate with a brand that provides a product or service that you like and believe in. For gambling industry affiliates, WagerPartner offers the highest commissions and the fastest payouts.

Join the team and receive the tools to start advertising the brand.

Tracking is everything to this business, you will refer people using affiliate marketing tools that allow you to follow their activity and make sure its all associated to your affiliate ID.

Track your work and get paid.

Get a commission on the profit generated by the customers tracked and credited to you.

WagerPartner offers different commission deals to fit all affiliate profiles within our industry, from popular sports websites to social media influencers and handicappers.

• Who can join the WagerPartner affiliate program?

Yes, absolutely anyone can join the program. Just keep in mind that our MAIN market is within the United States.

• Do I need a website to become an affiliate partner?

No need, some of our most popular affiliates use social media, mass emailing or text messaging, apps, among other outlets.

• Do affiliates get to have player accounts too?

Of course, we can create a player account for you or you can directly sign up on our site.

• Can my player account be under my affiliate ID?

No, you cannot have your player account under your own ID, affiliates are not allowed to profit from their own betting activity.

• Which countries does this program work for?

We take players from: United States (all territories), Canada, Mexico and Australia.

• Do you take US players?

Yes, US players are welcome!

• How much does it cost to become an affiliate for YouWager?

It costs nothing, you just need to register.

• Can I have multiple sites or social media profiles to promote the YouWager brands?

Yes, they would fall under one affiliate ID.


• How do I track my profits?

- We are not into one-size-fits-all generic platforms, as a boutique site we use a customized tool, specially created for WagerPartner, to help you track your performance.

- Pull your preferred reports and stay on top of your players’ activity as it comes in, since we offer stats, direct from the source, no middle-man involved!

- Our tracking system was designed to be accurate, easy to use and extremely reliable.

• How often do I get paid?

Once a month, however if you want to use your commission for betting purposes, depending on your account, we can credit your profits into your player account on a bi-weekly basis.

• What are the requirements to get a commission payout?

As long as you have at least 5 active players, $500 in payable commission and your promotion of us is up to date, you will get paid at the beginning of every month.

• What happens if I don’t qualify for a payout?

Your profit will rollover for next month, simple as that.

• What are my payment options and what are the fees for affiliate payouts?

We pay via Cryptocurrencies or PayPal and it’s on us! Completely FREE of charge.

• What happens if my players win more than they lose?

When players have more winnings it’s called a “negative commission”, neither the house nor the affiliate is getting profits when a player is up on their betting activity, so this figure will be carried over to the following pay period. Once the new report comes in, we will check if the overall player losses made up for that “negative commission”. If they did, whatever is left after covering that amount will be again eligible to be split between our respective revenue share percentages. If they didn’t, it will continue to be carried over.

• How often are my affiliate statistics updated?

They are 1 day old. So whatever happens today, you will see reflected on your stats tomorrow.

• Can I refer other affiliates to WagerPartner?

Yes you can, you get 5% on the betting activity of the players’ that your referred affiliate brings in.

• How much can I earn with this program?

There’s no cap to your earnings!


• Are there incentives for the players I bring in as an affiliate?

Yes, we offer special bonuses for our affiliates’ players, these will be sent on a monthly basis by your affiliate manager.

• What is the cookie set up?

When a visitor clicks on a banner or link the source is captured through “cookies” which will remember that visitor for 30 days. So even if they don’t signup through you on the spot and they do it later on directly from our site, credit still goes to you. This is true for both tracking links and landing pages.

• What marketing tools do I get?

Please refer to our Commissions section.

Do you have more questions?