Terms & Conditions

No fine print here, the specifications of our program can be found below

  • WagerPartner will pay out revenue share on the commissionable earnings generated by each customer, as defined by the merchant. CPA and Straight percentage affiliates will be awarded a monthly payment subject to the qualification criteria. Sportsbook, Casino and Racebook: commissionable earnings or (Net Gaining Revenue/NGR) are calculated as the merchants’ profit, minus charge-backs, complimentary money (free plays), free money offers and other incentives offered to the customer.

  • Our products (Sportsbook, Casino, Racebook and Poker) will only pay out a percentage of their profits from legitimate revenue.

  • Should the player process a charge back, the charge-back amount will be deducted from the total balance due, in the respective revenue share percentage. If YouWager can get disputed amounts back, those will be counted in favor of the company and the affiliate revenue, as they regularly do under “Customer Deposits”.

  • Complimentary Money, Free Money and Other incentives refer to those amounts credited to the account of customers. As they did not purchase these amounts, no commission can be earned from them.

  • YouWager.eu includes processing and/or networking fees in commission calculations depending on the brand and payment method.

  • Should the expense deductions or accumulated customer winnings exceed the current amount due, the balance will then revert to a negative balance and the affiliate will have to earn revenue to cover the expense or winnings amount, before they can start earning take-home revenue again.

  • The net revenue plan commissionable earnings will be earned for the life of the customer, on all transactions contributing to the affiliate’s monthly Net Gaining Revenue, for as long as the affiliate remains a member of this affiliate program.

  • Affiliates are paid commissions on the first week of every month. Payments are made by Bitcoins, Bank Wire, PayPal or transfer to a wagering account. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to select the method of payment and make sure to comply with all payout requirements.

  • Accounts can be transferred from general database to an affiliate ID only if the player has never funded their account.

  • The payout player requirement constitutes the amount of active players for the payment period in question.

  • If the affiliate has a player account, it cannot be placed under their own affiliate ID.

  • Affiliates cannot play with their commissions from their affiliate account, they must create a player account for that purpose and request a transfer of funds, if eligible for a commission payout.

  • Commissions earned that don’t meet the minimum player or amount requirement to pay out, will have their earnings rolled over to the following month.

  • WagerPartner (YouWager.eu) reserves the right to change, alter or cancel the set upon agreement with the advertiser at any moment without previous notice.

  • All Agreements are due for revision on a monthly basis.